Prosperity Series Flower Essences


Abundance is your birthright! Purchase individually, or get the whole set, and get your financial life on track.


Product Description

Quantum Prosperity

Takes you to a new place with your relationship with money, abundance, and prosperity. When times are hard, or you are feeling stuck, this formula opens doors and removes the inner blocks that keep you from experiencing life in its generous abundance — the way it was always meant to be.

We have offered the Quantum Prosperity Formula for several years now, but many people are wanting to create new things in their lives — new businesses or careers — or just want to learn how to attract and manifest what they REALLY want.

Here is a new formula that helps you do this:


Manifest your dreams. Get clear about what you really want. Discover how to think differently about what is an opportunity that matches your intentions, and what is not. Remove self-doubt, gain confidence, and make yourself ready to become a powerful co-creator with Life. Know deeply that “I CAN” — and experience the confidence that comes from saying “I WILL”, knowing that you will do exactly as you intend. This is the formula that helps you create.

Clear Away Clutter

When you have piles of “stuff” sitting around your house or office, the Qi (life force energy) cannot flow. And when there is no life force energy, no movement, things that you want won’t come into your life as easily. Clutter is one of the foremost ways that people actually prevent their own prosperity!

If you’re challenged by clutter, or finding it hard to make time to clear it and create order in your home or office, this exciting new flower essence formula is just what you need. The flowers in this formula help you feel great about what you already have, so it’s easier to let go of “too much stuff”; it also helps you come to terms emotionally with what you’ve accumulated, so you can let go of it at last; and, it helps you understand that you really CAN find ways to get the job done, even if before it was overwhelming.

Your Clear Away Clutter order will come with a special meditation, to help you use the flower essences consciously to create clear, orderly spaces wherever you want and need them — and help you attract more of what you want into those new, clear spaces.


Experts who work in the field of prosperity and abundance tell us that one of the best ways to attract abundance is to adopt an “attitude of gratitude.” But sometimes, that’s just plain easier said than done!

Good news is here — the new Gratitude Flower Essences help you shift gears emotionally, so that you can get in touch with all that you have for which to be thankful, and to stay in the mindset of being grateful for all the goodness that’s around you and within you. When it’s hard to feel grateful for ANYTHING, reach for this new gentle combination essence, with flowers that know where to find your heart and help it heal with blessings of peace and thanks.

New Power Prosperity Pack

This power pack contains all four of the Prosperity Essences:

— Quantum Prosperity
— Manifestor
— Clear Away Clutter
— Gratitude

At a bargain price of just $50.00, you’ll save over 40% on your prosperity products — and have the whole power pack to help you attract the abundance you want in your life.


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