Italian Alpine Flower Essences


In collaboration with Hasita Nadai, creator of Yoga Gaia, Bright Wings and Yoga Gaia are delighted to offer for the first time a small collection of the Italian Alpine Flower Essences.


Product Description

Hasita grew up in the Italian Alps, and knows the flora and fauna of this area well. During the summer of 2008, she spent several weeks there and made the first three essences from the remarkable flowers that grow in the shadows of the Matterhorn. It is an incredibly beautiful and fragile area, with a short growing season and challenging climate.

The flowers from the Italian Alps are very special, and carry important patterns for healing and growth. These essences were made from the fresh clean springs of the Italian Alps, and three of the lovely flowers growing in the meadows and high elevations. We joyfully present them for you here.

Bavarian Saxifrage
Fleur de Soleil
Bavarian Gentian
Safe Harbor Formula


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