Blue Panther Energy Flower Essences


17 Unique, Alcohol-Free Energetic Flower Essence Blends Evoke Qualities of Power Animals for Powerful Support in Emotional/Energetic Healing of Self and Others

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Product Description

BEAR: Healing, protection, inner strength
Bee/Artemis: Warrior Goddess of Transformation
BISON: Faith and connection to Creator, gratitude, abundance
BUTTERFLY: Joyful transformation, creativity, lightness of being
DEER: Calm, comfort, nurture
DOLPHIN: Breath, rhythm, grace, clairvoyance
EAGLE: Mental clarity, perspective, detachment
FROG: Metamorphosis, sensitivity, adaptability, faith
GRANDFATHERS/STONE PEOPLE: Purify, Release, Ancestors
HAWK: Messenger of past lives, clairvoyance, awareness
HORSE (Wild): Freedom, open heartedness, movement, personal power
MOUSE: Present, focused, aware, nimble
OWL: Intuition, Connection to Spirit, Inner Wisdom
PANTHER: Strength, resilience, discernment, protection
SPIDER: Release, reweave, recover
TURTLE: Ground, Center, Shield
WOLF: Connection, Protection, Community, Everyday Miracles


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Bear, Bee/Artemis, Bison, Butterfly, Deer, Dolphin, Eagle, Frog, Grandfather/Stone People, Hawk, Horse, Mouse, Owl, Panther, Spider, Turtle, Wolf


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